Girma Tewolde (Computer Engineering)

  • Embedded Systems: Digital Systems, FPGA, Microprocessors/Microcontrollers
  • Evolutionary Computation: Performance enhancement & Hardware Implementation
  • Mobile Robotics

Jaerock Kwon (Computer Engineering)

  • Computational Neuroanatomy/Neuroscience
  • Embedded Application Platform/Embedded System Software
  • Machine Learning/Neural Networks/Neuroevolution/Neuroinformatics
  • Sensorimotor Learning/Temporal aspects of brain function
  • Mobile Application Development


Graduate Students

  • Seokju Lee
  • Joingil Lim

Undergraduate Students


  • Kevin Smith: TI10 Switchable ES Audio Solution. 2013
  • Alanna Gippin: CT Image Reconstruction, 2012
  • Taimen Taylor: Automation of EnTech’s Report Generation Process, 2012
  • Anthony Marchioni: Learning Marchine, 2012
  • Eric Chu: BlackBerry Application for Monitoring Battery Testing for the Global Battery Systems Lab, 2011

Independent Study

  • Trifon: Developing a communication box for an electric vehicle, 2013
  • Eric Barch: Independent Study, 2013
  • William Lindeman: Interpreting Workout Gestures with Neural Networks, 2013
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